Monday, April 23, 2018

Is a Don Quixote in the White House now

Monday, April 16, 2018 - 180 hours ago

Is the world facing the possibility of a nuclear war now? It seems America is eager to start some sort of nuclear confrontation with her enemies. President Donald Trump is a most inexperienced and unpredictable character. His infantile fantasy is war, which may lead the world to its destruction. The only hope is that the American Generals are not fools. They may put a restrictive hand on Trump's mad venture. Trump is in deep trouble for his alleged Russian connection during his presidential election and is also currently facing problems for his sexist utterances and behaviour with women. His administration is also not stable. He wants to get out of this and needs a war cry to distract people’s attention, which he started against North Korea and now against Russia. On the other hand, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May wants to get rid of the Brexit problem by trying to divert British people's attention towards a strong issue and unite the British public under her shaky leadership. So, May created an issue against Russia taking the advantage the poisoning of a double-agent of Russia who was poisoned in Britain's Salisbury town with his daughter. Fortunately, the agent's pet guinea pigs died but both of them survived the poison attack. But it gave a very good weapon in Theresa May's hands to make it a world issue. She accused Russia that this nerve agent came from Russia to kill the double agent violating the agreement that its use is a crime and a threat to the safety and sovereignty of Britain. Immediately the big British media started beating their drums with a dangerous war cry against Russia. This was followed by America with its European allies and now they are united to punish Russia and Putin.

To use chemical weapons or nerve agents even in war is a crime against humanity, yet there is no solid proof that the poison has come from Russia. The British military laboratory in Porton Down has formally said, the nerve agent is of course Novichok but there is no proof that it has come from Russia. Russia denied this allegation categorically and went to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, an international forum with a demand for joint inquiry of Britain and Russia about this gas attack. But Britain rejected the Russian proposal of joint inquiry. Russia also requested Britain to give them the chance to interview the two victims of the nerve agent attack, because the spy's daughter is still a Russian citizen, but Britain declined that too. Even the Russian proposal to have a joint meeting with the foreign ministers of both the countries to discuss this unfortunate happening was not accepted by London cordially.  

One expert in poisonous gas said, "Just one millimetre of Novichok will kill people and there is no possibility of survival. But in Salisbury both the father and daughter survived, which is very amazing". These Russian agents not only survived, their identity has also been changed and now America is going to give them shelter with new identity. One western observer said, that the western alliance with a definite plan has kept them alive to use them further against Russia. Even the daughter of the agent, who is still a Russian citizen refused to go back to Russia. She is under western allurement.

I do not know whether Russia is behind the Salisbury incident. Even if the crime is done by Russia this should first go to the United Nations. UNO should inquire first and ask Russia to cooperate with them. And if they found out that Moscow is guilty then they will take appropriate action against them with the cooperation of the western world. But bypassing the United Nations and even refusing the offer of Russian cooperation and enquiry, the allegation of crime against humanity by London and Washington before any definite proof of the guilt of Russia is a very doubtful ploy.

The same game was played in the war against Saddam Hussian of Iraq. Like Theresa May, Tony Blair the Prime Minister of Britain in collaboration with George Bush of America, declared that weapons of mass destruction were in the hands of Saddam. Those who doubted this claim, the big British media branded them as traitors. Just like Jeremy Corbin, the present Labour Leader who is opposing attack on Syria is now being attacked ruthlessly by the big British media. He is even being portrayed as a traitor. At the end of the Gulf war it was proved beyond all doubt that the western propaganda against Saddam Hussian's weapons of mass destruction was a blatant lie. With this lie they did not only kill Saddam but thousands of Iraqi people including women and children.

Before the war western powers imposed severe sanctions against Iraq for which 17 lakhs Iraqi children died. It was a crime against humanity but still Tony Blair and George Bush did not face a trial as war criminals. In the Gulf war the western powers bypassed UNO and started this war ignoring the existence of the world organization. This time also they are threatening to bomb Syria with the allegation that they used chemical weapons on the rebel forces. Russia proposed a joint query on the use of chemical weapons in Syria but was ignored.

In the Salisbury case, UNO was practically ignored and without a sanction from the United Nations the western powers are threatening to bomb Syria knowing fully well that it may escalate a dangerous war with Russia. America and Europe are still boasting of their democratic values. But this time their democratic mask is very nakedly exposed. Almost all the Tory politicians of Britain and the big British media are asking Theresa May to go to war without discussing it in the House of the Parliament, which means going to war without the sanction of the parliament.

These western powers are giving sermons to developing countries about their performance on democracy. But they do not see their own faces in the mirror that what type of democrats they are now. It proves that not only America but the entire Europe lacks democratic leadership. Only exception is Germany. Chancellor Mrs Markel against all odds is sticking to her immigration policy and has clearly said that Germany will not participate in the American mad adventure.

In the future history how Donald Trump's character will be portrayed is anybody's guess. Perhaps, the story of Don Quixote will be replaced by the story of Donald Trump. His chilling threat to attack Syria very soon has now proved to be a farcical one. London Guardian reported Trump's latest early morning tweet on 12th April, “Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all!” The man who could not confront a tin pot dictator like North Korea's Kim, wants to confront Russia who is gradually becoming a nuclear super power. But now America is aware that they cannot treat Putin as they have treated Gorbachev or Yeltsin in the recent past.

Russia is gradually coming to the world stage with diplomatic and military power. That is why the western alliance want to curb that power in time and for this they are trying to create issue after issue against Russia. In spite of all these doldrums, my humble opinion is that there is no immediate threat of total nuclear war or third world war. The present conflict may escalate into a limited war between Russia and western alliance but that will not last long. Putin is not Saddam Hussain and the repetition of the blame game of the western powers will not succeed. Theresa May knows she is no iron lady like Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump knows he is not a popular President like Ronald Regan. Still Thatcher and Regan could not leave power without humiliation. If Theresa and Trump think that they can play the role of Thatcher and Regan they will go from the power with even greater humiliation. London, Thursday 12 April, 2018 © 2017 - 2018